The Holidays are Getting Closer!
Gifts for Her
Packaging is almost the best part of a gift. Add some charm to your holiday surprises: we have prepared gift sets for every taste!
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Your Style Guide: New Product in Catalogue №15
"If you feel like you dress poorly, or that nothing in clothing stores suits you, then this book is for you. As soon as you reach the end of the book, you'll understand: style can change from a headache into an exciting game".
Beau Monde: paired fragrances from Faberlic
Their high origin is not ostentatious luxury, but a quality of the soul, an inner nobility that needs no fanfare... The new Beau Monde paired fragrances are true aristocrats of the perfume world!
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1 600 руб
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The Scent of Home Comfort: New Product in Cat.
A new product has joined our family of kitchen aids: liquid soap with the delicate scent of green tea. This gentle product gets rid of traces of grease and unpleasant odours easily and safely.
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